Our Staff

Meet our staff – although our seasonal staff changes, here are our tried and true team members who collectively have over 100 years of service and experience.  Now that’s loyalty. You may call them employees, we call them family!

Donna Kutil Ross, co-owner, doting sister, wife, mother, daughter, habitual volunteer, CrossFit athlete, intermediate skier, kick ass softball player, holds the only hole-in-one for the family.  She’s your resident mixologist.  Oh and she gardens too…



Jeff Kutil, co-owner, baby brother, husband, father, son, loyal friend, better softball player than his sister.  The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence?  Not at this guys house!  Envy of the neighborhood.  He feeds his lawn not his kids.  Wish he had more time to golf guy, wish he had more time to fish guy.  Doesn’t like long walks or the beach.  He’ll be the first one at his kids games!


Mitch Kirkland, manager, long time friend, adopted brother, best bunter in little league history, husband, father, son.   He is our resident fix-it man and has been spotted running all departments in one day.  With two young boys playing sports, he may be working half days soon…



Tracy Medeiros, manager, retired softball teammate, proud mother, wife, daughter, sister, Donna’s right hand man and left hand and right leg and left leg.




Karen Gustafson, the fair skinned straw hat lady who is the most patient of us all.  Artist, avid crossword fan (we call on her when  we don’t have the clue), lover of the beach on non summer days, reading, the arts and her adorable pup Cloe’.