Not all “two-timers” are bad…

Get the most out of your shrubs with reblooming shrubs for loads of color all season long. Reblooming and continuous blooming shrubs enhance the landscape with an abundance of colorful flowers and usually offer an added bonus of attracting birds and butterflies to the garden. Be sure to research the care of your reblooming shrubs for pruning and trimming instructions to enjoy a full season of blooms. Continue reading “Not all “two-timers” are bad…”

Water Your Way to Happy Plants

Proper watering of the plants in your containers is crucial to having them perform their best. Once you get a little bit of experience, understanding when and how much to water becomes almost second nature. The most common cause of early plant death smaller and temps are lower, you may only have to water every 3-4 days. As the days heat up and the plants get larger, you may have to water every day. Windy days also cause the pots to dry out more quickly, especially hanging baskets. If you want to water less often, use larger pots. Larger pots hold more soil volume. More soil volume means more water held in the pot.

Picking the Right Pea

Peas are a cool-season vegetable and can be grown here in the spring and fall. There are two sizes to be aware of when picking peas besides the three types of peas. Bush varieties grow 18-24in. tall and are usually quicker to mature. Bush peas do not need to be supported. Vining/Pole types can reach 8ft. if provided sufficient support. Trellis, fence, garden wire or polls can all be used for support.

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Gardening with Children

It’s springtime and that means a time for growth. Trees are shaking off the last frost, buds are poking through, birds are gathering nesting materials and getting ready for their newest additions. my kamins product top hairless coats products good. She, cialis en suisse sans ordonnance made assuming Walmart hours from a!

Take a deep breath. What do you smell in the air? Listen closely, how many different bird chirps can you hear? Make a scavenger hunt with your child. How many different colors can you find? How many items can you find in one color living or nonliving? Look high and low and let them record their findings.642-618