Child’s Play

Kids and gardening go hand in hand. For toddlers, there are bright colors, fuzzy leaves, strange bugs and beautiful butterflies. By the time they’re in first grade, kids love sprouting beans in paper towels and watching plants grow roots in water. And then there is the pure fun of simply digging in the dirt.
If you want your child to love gardening as much as you do, take a look at these great ideas. We hope that you’ll find something that will help spark your child’s interest.


With the arrival of spring, the days grow warmer and longer. Clouds travel through the skies, sometimes picking up water droplets. When enough water droplets gather, it rains. The raindrops find their way through the small openings in the soil, nourishing roots and seeds. Well-rested trees begin to grow, and their buds begin to burst forth.
Sunshine warms the soil as seeds begin to grow. Gardeners tend their vegetables and flowers. Soon new green sprouts peek out of the earth looking for the sun’s energy to help them grow into mature plants. Crocuses are some of the first flowers to bloom.
Baby animals are born in the spring. They have plenty of food to eat to help them grow. Baby birds soon leave their nests looking for worms to eat. Tiny tadpoles emerge from frog eggs in warm and shallow ponds.
Squirrels and chipmunks explore their environment looking for food. Rabbits begin to scurry about looking for the gardener’s plantings. Earthworms begin to poke their heads out of the darkness of the earth. Flocks of ducks and birds fly north where they will find food. Bees buzz, birds chirp, hummingbirds flutter about, and lawn mowers roar. The joys of experiencing spring fever make everyone’s spirits rise.

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