From Garden to Glass

The idea is simple: You grow what you eat, you eat what you grow. It’s smart, it’s enjoyable, it’s fresh and delicious.  So why shouldn’t that also translate to cocktails around the firepit?  A flavored lemonade on a hot summer day or an infused water after a long morning run?  Herbs, berries and veggies aren’t just for cooking.  The trendy culinary world has quickly spilled into the garden.   We are now using our herbs, berries, veggies and even shrubs to highlight and enhance our cocktails, waters, teas, lemonades and ice cubes (don’t forget popsicles).

Not sure what to do with the over abundance of cucumbers.  Are you only growing rosemary for roasted chicken?  What about those left over violas from the early spring gardens?  Become your own mixologist!  Learn what to use and how to use it.

Thirsty Thursdays- Join us for some refreshing cocktails

Join us at Scenic Roots on the third Thursday of every month. From 5:30-7:00 pm we will showcase seasonal cocktails made from the plants you grow in your own garden. We will demonstrate how to use your garden harvest to create tasty, refreshing, praise worthy cocktails  to share with your friends, neighbors and family- From Garden to Glass!  Everything from herbs, veggies, berries, shrubs and flowers. Join us in the garden center every third Thursday and bring your thirsty palette.
The garden center will also be open 5:30-7:00pm for you to have your own private shopping excursion while walking around with a cocktail.

Thirsty Thursday returns May17th, 2018