ITOH Peony

A must have in the garden

Itoh Peony is also known as an Intersectional Hybrid.  This plant is a cross between a traditional garden peony and a woody tree peony, taking the best attributes of both plants.  It has up to 50 enormous sized flowers once established.  This hybrid is a relatively creation with the first successful cross made in 1948 by the Japanese breeder Mr.Tiochi Itoh.

Planting & Care Instructions

Itoh Peony is easy to grow in moist, well-drained soil.  Work the soil around the planting area to allow for a deep and extensive root system to develop.  Place the plant in the ground, keeping the plant even with the soil line.  Once in the ground keep the soil moist but take care not to over water.  Provide an extra helping of fertilizer that is low in Nitrogen like Espoma Plantone while the plant is in bloom.  Also remove spent flowers to encourage a fresh burst of color.  In the fall, cut the Itoh back to 4-6 inches up from the soil level.


  • Flowers open in succession for up to a month!
  • Sturdy stems do not require staking, even when the plant is loaded with flowers or even after a rainfall.
  • Fragrant and great cut flower.
  • Disease resistant, deer resistant, and winter hardy.
  • Plant is sterile and therefore does not attract ants like a standard garden peony does.
  • Plant takes full sun, but some light shade will help flowers last longer.
  • Height of 30inches,  Width of 30inches
  • Zone 4-9


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Planting Amaryllis

Amaryllis are quite stunning flowers in full bloom and require very little care. Indoor amaryllis are planted with 1/3 of the bulb exposed from the soil line. Place the bulb in your container (paying close attention not to damage the roots), then fill the container with potting soil, leaving the top portion of the bulb exposed.  Water the bulb thoroughly upon planting and do not water until the medium is dry.  Once a sprout emerges, your plant really doesn’t require much more water; if it does need water a few drops will do.  Too much water can cause the plant to grow too tall and weight of the flower can cause the plant to tip.

Amaryllis bloom times: