Spring Gardening Tips- Get those hands dirty!

Old Man Winter has finally moved along, and it’s time for spring gardening in many parts of the world. This is a busy time of year in the gardening calendar. If you’re not sure where to start, follow these spring gardening tips to ensure your garden gets off to a great start just in time for growing season.

Bird on shovel during spring gardening

Photo via Cath in Dorset/Flickr Creative Commons

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Garden Trends for 2016- Syncing with Nature

Garden Media Group’s annual Garden Trends Report for 2016, “Syncing with Nature,” identifies eight consumer garden trends that will shake up the garden and outdoor living industry this coming year.  Being in sync with nature is the first step in a healthy and rewarding lifestyle.   “Consumers are seeking experiences that enhance their well-being and support their busy lifestyles, ” says Susan McCoy, president of Garden Media.  “When used together, technology can bring people into nature and connect one to the other.”

The report says that consumers are merging technology with nature, not as a distraction, but as a way to explore, educate and entertain. “Consumers are constantly connected, and that’s not a bad thing.  It’s time for the industry to fully embrace technology and all it can do for the garden,” McCoy says.  “The more consumers learn about nature, the more they will grow and care about it.”

Here are eight new  garden trends influencing the garden industry for 2016:

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2015 Garden Trends

What is trending in your back yard and the rest of the country taken right from the 2015 Garden Trends Report, Garden Media Group:

thTQF0J4P8New Consumers– The Millennial generation (aged 18-35) is the nation’s fastest growing gardening segment.  In particular, young men spend $100 more per year on garden supplies than the average consumer.

th31CQBPC7Clean & Safe–  Consumers want to make the world a better place, and they want brands to help them do it.  Products that are environmentally friendly and safe for pats and children reign supreme. Continue reading “2015 Garden Trends”

Gardening with Children

It’s springtime and that means a time for growth. Trees are shaking off the last frost, buds are poking through, birds are gathering nesting materials and getting ready for their newest additions. my kamins product top hairless coats http://falmouthfineproperties.com/yia/cialis-pharmacy products good. She, cialis en suisse sans ordonnance made assuming http://catch-apc.com/rlz/discounted-cialis.html Walmart hours from a!

Take a deep breath. What do you smell in the air? Listen closely, how many different bird chirps can you hear? Make a scavenger hunt with your child. How many different colors can you find? How many items can you find in one color living or nonliving? Look high and low and let them record their findings.642-618