Spring Gardening Tips- Get those hands dirty!

Old Man Winter has finally moved along, and it’s time for spring gardening in many parts of the world. This is a busy time of year in the gardening calendar. If you’re not sure where to start, follow these spring gardening tips to ensure your garden gets off to a great start just in time for growing season.

Bird on shovel during spring gardening

Photo via Cath in Dorset/Flickr Creative Commons

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Garden Trends for 2016- Syncing with Nature

Garden Media Group’s¬†annual Garden Trends Report for 2016, “Syncing with Nature,” identifies eight consumer garden trends that will shake up the garden and outdoor living industry this coming year.¬† Being in sync with nature is the first step in a healthy and rewarding lifestyle.¬†¬† “Consumers are seeking experiences that enhance their well-being and support their busy lifestyles, ” says Susan McCoy, president of Garden Media.¬† “When used together, technology can bring people into nature and connect one to the other.”

The report says that consumers are merging technology with nature, not as a distraction, but as a way to explore, educate and entertain. “Consumers are constantly connected, and that’s not a bad thing.¬† It’s time for the industry to fully embrace technology and all it can do for the garden,” McCoy says.¬† “The more consumers learn about nature, the more they will grow and care about it.”

Here are eight new  garden trends influencing the garden industry for 2016:

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