A Fresh Start

                                                          A Fresh Start

It is that time of year! Your gardens are eager to spring up and say hello, those empty containers are begging for some beautiful annuals, and your lawn is fed up with the winter weather. So now what? Let’s get started! There are plenty of ways you can use and reuse in your garden or yard, however not everything in your shed has a lifetime guarantee.

Garden Tools– There is nothing more annoying than breaking a tool while you are in the middle of a project. Sound familiar? If you really enjoy gardening, make the effort to invest in some nice tools. Those half-priced clippers might leave you with a half-finished job. Nice gardening tools can be re-used every year, make the investment, you will not regret it!

Machinery– Lawn mowers, weed whackers, leaf blowers, and tillers. If you own these things and do your own maintenance, then make the efforts to take care of them. They are expensive and not always an easy fix if something goes wrong. For a start, do not use old gasoline or oil from last season, just like milk, gasoline will go bad over time. If you have a small amount of gasoline left over, you can put it in the gas tank of your car. If you have a large amount of old gasoline, contact your local auto body shop, most places will take it and dispose of it properly. Just make sure you have the gasoline in a tightly sealed container. Once you have fresh materials in your machinery, do your best to keep them clean and running. Give those blades a nice rinse and avoid residue build up.

Lawn Care- Grass seed doesn’t always grow. A left over bag from last season might not be worth the time and effort. If you want to patch up a couple bare spots, check for an expiration date on your grass seed bag. Unfortunately, grass seed is only viable for about a year. No matter how much you water it and give it a nice home, it will not grow if it is no longer viable. Start the season off on the right foot and purchase some nice grass seed to suit your lawn and its conditions. Also, don’t be afraid to ask which grass seed is right for you.

Soils– Is it all right to use old soil? If it is sitting in an unopened bag, then go for it! Even a half-used bag should be okay to use if stored in a dry place, just double check and make sure it is not moldy or saturated. Avoid reusing the soil from your planting containers. This soil contains little to no nutrients and has a higher potential for carrying diseases. Old soils can be sterilized; however, sterilizing soils will not replace the nutrients needed. Lastly, do not expect the “dirt” in your yard to have nice soil qualities. Expect to do some amending for best results.

Containers– Container gardens are quick to plant, easy to maintain, and can be used every year. Do not throw them out because they are dirty, worn, or suddenly appear ugly. A quick spray paint job can make any group of containers look uniform, regardless of their style. Pick a color and enjoy your new container set. If you change your mind next season, no problem, just repaint them!