Reviving Your Lawn

After a long hot summer, your lawn that was once green and lush may have taken a bit of dive. Don’t let that brown get you down. Here are a few tips to get your lawn back to its original glory without having to start completely over. and prong greasy texture bed. you determine what your lawn may be lacking in nutrients. A minor adjustment to your fertilization routine may be just the trick! Over seeding can help patch up the brown spots of your lawn. If there is significant damage, you may need to consider starting fresh with reseeding or laying sod. Another approach could involve getting creative with alternatives such as installing rock gardens or raised beds for flowers or edible gardens. Proper maintenance can do wonders for any lawn. Mowing height will have an impact on your lawn’s health as well. Be sure not to mow your grass too short as it will invite weeds into the mix. Also, aerating in autumn can breathe new life into a lawn that has been compacted and neglected throughout the spring and summer. There may be a simple fix for rejuvenating your lawn that you can remedy yourself. If you need some extra guidance, contacting your local county extension or a trusted landscaping company can also help you in renewing the life of your grass.