Picking the Right Pea

Peas are a cool-season vegetable and can be grown here in the spring and fall. There are two sizes to be aware of when picking peas besides the three types of peas. Bush varieties grow 18-24in. tall and are usually quicker to mature. Bush peas do not need to be supported. Vining/Pole types can reach 8ft. if provided sufficient support. Trellis, fence, garden wire or polls can all be used for support.

Garden Peas: are grown for the seeds you air inside the pod. The seeds are removed from the pod before cooking. Mr.Big, Little Marvel, Progress No.9 and Wando are just a few varieties we carry. Snap Peas: have smaller seeds, rounder, thicker pod. Snap peas have become more popular in recent years because many varieties are disease resistant and the popularity of Asian cooking. The whole pod is cooked or eaten raw. Sugar Snap- pole or bush and Oregon Sugar are just a few snap peas we carry. Snow Peas: the pods are flat and can be cooked or eaten raw. Dwarf White Sugar Pea is one variety we carry. WATER WATER WATER– Water peas if the weather is dry. MOST important is to water when the peas are in flower or when the pods are swelling. The flowers produce the peas. Without adequate water, your peas could shrivel, produce less and/or become weak and susceptible to disease. A thorough soaking when flowering begins and again two weeks later ensures a good crop.