Fall Garden Projects

It is time for your fall garden projects.   Below we have listed what you should/could be doing now to prep your yards for the winter months.

  • Pull up plant material that is no longer useful and add to compost pile.  Toss any material that is insect ridden or diseased.  Keep weeding; mature weed plants drop weed seeds that will germinate next year.
  • Keep mowing your lawn until growth stops.  Apply a winter fertilizer to your lawn to strengthen the overall health and  root system to allow for an easier spring green up.   Apply the proper application of lime;  one bag of 40lb lime covers 1,000 square feet of lawn.  Seed patches of barren lawn and/or overseed to fill in thin spots.
  • Cut down perennials when the foliage begins to brown.
  • Plant flowering bulbs for blooms next spring.
  • Purchase cow manure to mound up around the base of roses.  Roses love manure and allowing the manure to mulch and decompose over the winter months make for happier roses next spring.
  • Divide and replant perennials and grasses that may need it.