Lawn Mower Maintenance

lawn mower  We are now in the winter months and your gardens and lawns are moving into their dormant stage. There isn’t much left to do around the yard but to pull out the snow shovels and snow blowers and get ready for another long cold winter. Speaking of power equipment- now is the time to tend to you lawn mower if you have yet to do so, before you tuck it into the garage for a few months. Proper maintenance now leads to less aggravation come spring. Ensure the storage area is cool and dry and cover the mower to keep it clean and protected. Before it gets covered up though, be sure these basic, simple steps are followed to ensure proper winterization.

  • Empty the fuel tank and run the mower until the engine stops from lack of fuel. Prime the engine and start again, when the engine no longer starts, it is sufficiently dry. Change the oil, remove the spark plug. Wipe down the mower- top side and undercarriage. Finally check the blades condition and sharpness. Have them sharpened if necessary.

You now have one less chore on your spring “to do list”!!!