Garden Trends for 2016- Syncing with Nature

Garden Media Group’s annual Garden Trends Report for 2016, “Syncing with Nature,” identifies eight consumer garden trends that will shake up the garden and outdoor living industry this coming year.  Being in sync with nature is the first step in a healthy and rewarding lifestyle.   “Consumers are seeking experiences that enhance their well-being and support their busy lifestyles, ” says Susan McCoy, president of Garden Media.  “When used together, technology can bring people into nature and connect one to the other.”

The report says that consumers are merging technology with nature, not as a distraction, but as a way to explore, educate and entertain. “Consumers are constantly connected, and that’s not a bad thing.  It’s time for the industry to fully embrace technology and all it can do for the garden,” McCoy says.  “The more consumers learn about nature, the more they will grow and care about it.”

Here are eight new  garden trends influencing the garden industry for 2016:

Garden Trend_Connected Greenery1. Connected Greenery:

We walk, talk and sleep with our phones.  Now, people are getting plugged-in outside too.  People want to be successful with plants without a lot of work or information.  To do this, they are turning to technology to help grow plants both indoors and in the garden.

2. NaTECHure:

There is an intersection of two of the hottest trends in education technology and nature.  It combines virtual and reality to engage in gardening, health and fitness in fun, new ways.  Whether running, playing, storytelling or even geocaching, this trend has the potential to mobilize a new generation of nature lovers.

3. Welltality:

Garden Trend_WelltalityHorticulture is intrinsically tied to health and wellness.  From what we eat to our environment, people want to be happy and healthy in mind, body and soul.  From cleaning the air of volatile organic compounds by using houseplants to providing fresh antioxidants at our fingertips by planting blueberries, raspberries and goji berries.

4. Makers’ Lifestyle:

The DIY movement gets a facelift as people shift from “doing” to “making.”  Homeowners and renters alike want to experience outdoor living in a way that maintains a sense of home and familiarity but personalized to their tastes.  They want to engage with outdoor environments in a more hands-on way.

5. Backyard Boldness:

Transforming porch swings and swimming pools, homeowners are moving away from subtle minimalist aesthetics toward designs that heighten sensory appeal.

6. Layered Landscapes:

People want to bring their yard back to a more natural habitat as each plant serves a purpose in supporting local, natural ecosystems, pollinators and other wildlife.

7. Petscaping:

Garden Trend_PetscapingYes, it is a real term!  Pet owners spend about $60 billion on their pets each year for food, toys, and products to keep their four-legged friends healthy and safe.  They believe, like eating nutritious food, the safest practice is to use organic lawn products and limit the use of potentially harmful garden chemicals.

8. Precious Resources:

How to garden with less water continues to be a top priority.  New technologies and plants offer the opportunity to protect and conserve water with small lifestyle changes.