Morning Glory Seeds a Hallucinogen

Negative Effect on Teenagers From Consuming Morning Glories- Known Hallucinogen

Having Morning glories in your backyard may not seem to be dangerous at all, but if you have a teenager at home, a little caution is highly recommended. These wonderful blooming flowers have seeds which contain lysergic acid, which causes an LSD like high if these are eaten in huge quantities. The dangerous fact is that teenagers are now aware of this and in their curiosity to explore and know more, a large number of teenagers are slowly becoming a victim of drug abuse. Parents do not even realize that their teenager son or daughter is slowly getting addicted to morning glories, which is a natural hallucinogen, and this can have serious side effects if not controlled quickly.
Hidden Dangers Of Chewing Morning Glories Seeds

morning gloryOnce Morning glory seeds are chewed, the effects starts within 30 minutes and the results of which can actually mimic taking LCD. Parents need to be aware of the fact, that this Lysergic Acid can also be injected for a more intense experience. There are many different possible effects from consuming this natural hallucinogen in large quantities. Symptoms can quickly escalate in a negative direction, but the early symptoms are panic attacks, anxiety and stress. Soon, image distortion, lack of concentration, mood swings and withdrawal tendency can also be absorbed. Parents often find their teenagers panicking for no reason, withdrawn, confused and unhappy. There are even severe cases of depression, anxiety and can even cause death. It has also been seen that plenty of chemicals and insecticides still remain in the seeds of morning glories which can cause slow poisoning.
Creating An Awareness About Natural Hallucinogen Present In Morning Glories
Law enforcement officers are really concerned as teens are using these morning glories seeds as drugs. The natural hallucinogen present in the seeds can develop a tendency of addiction and teenagers develop a desire to continue consuming these seeds again and again. Teens claim that they are not aware about the seeds being similar to the effects as that of LSD and also that the presence of hallucinogen is natural so there is no harm. Different organizations and substance abuse counselors who are involved with the monitoring of these problems claim that they were not aware of this growing abuse too, which is responsible for the massive and quick spread of the problem among the teenagers.
In the recent times media attention has helped in creating an awareness of this problem relating to morning glories, but still with so little information about these seeds and how teenagers are getting addicted, there is still far to go to control the situation. Some recreational drugs were just starting to register nationally but after this widespread incidence, Ohio has issued an alert to all law enforcement officials and in schools. Louisiana too has passed a legislation which has made Morning glories along with 38 more plants illegal. These plants contained hallucinogenic compounds which are not good for human consumption and can cause long term illness and in worst conditions, even death.

Scenic Roots will begin to ID anyone purchasing Morning Glory Seeds
morning glory seeds.pngMorning glory seeds are very easily available and can be purchased by anyone. And this is one of the main reasons for its easy access to youngsters. Keeping in mind the current scenario, it is advisable to the store owners to be a little more cautious and monitor the purchase of these seeds, especially when teenagers approach to buy these in bulk. With a bit of control on who is buying the seeds in bulk, this whole problem can be tackled slowly.