Naked Hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas without blossoms are not uncommon- yet again this year

We are still having discussions with our regular customers, second homeowners and visitors about why the blossoms on the hydrangeas are so  scarce.  It is nothing we as gardeners have done.  We are slaves to Mother Nature.  Do you remember how warm March was?  Do you remember loving the unseasonably warm conditions?  Do you remember how cold and frigid April became?



March pushed the growth of many plants, then the frigid cold weather in April along with a hard frost caused major damage to landscape plants. Those that suffered the most were rhody’s, azaleas, magnolias, apples, peaches and of course hydrangeas.

There is nothing you can do.  As long as your plants are healthy and green, do not worry.   All we can do is hope for a better spring next year.   We need our seasons to be what our seasons are suppose to be.