Picking out the Right Christmas Tree

We all have our own holiday traditions, whether it is a Christmas dinner, the day you put up your tree or maybe there is a specific ornament that needs to be the first on hung on the Christmas tree. We all have our own traditions and everyone is different. Just like the varieties of Christmas trees available on the market these last several years.

Are you interested in something new this Christmas? Or do you wonder what the differences really are? Take a look at these Christmas Tree varieties – in sizes from adorable tabletop trees to majestic giants – found right here at Scenic Roots your local garden center.  This guide will surely help you pick out the right Christmas Tree.



By far the most popular and most traditional is the Balsam Fir- Balsam Firs have dark-green, long-lasting needles and an attractive form. It also has one of the strongest and most pleasing Christmas-like fragrances.


Fraser Fir have dark green needles with silver coloring on the under side. They have superb needle retention and strong, thick branches and a pleasing fragrance. A perfect selection for heavier ornaments.



White Pine are a native species with long 3-4″, bluish-green needles that give a soft appearance. They have good needle retention and muted aroma – good for those with allergies, but be warned they cannot hold heavy ornaments.




Scotch Pine- Scotch pine is known for its excellent needle retention and good keepability. It resists drying and if permitted to become dry does not drop its needles. It has dark green foliage and stiff branches which are well suited for decorating with both lights and heavy ornaments.