Garden Trends for 2017


We all joke that is takes a couple years for  trends to travel across the bridge.  What may be “hot” right now in the industry may not catch on to Cape Cod until years later.  Trust me I know.  I’ve been to several trade shows in Chicago and down south.  The product I see there and get so excited about, usually does not translate here for another couple of years.   Is anyone in to vertical gardening?  Have you gotten into Fairy Gardening yet?

Here are the current trends in the garden:

  1. Succulents and Air plants continue to grow as the varieties increase every year.  Terrariums to seashells, to walkways and rock walls.  The uses are endless.
  2. Edibles-  This is a category that continues to grow as more and more of us become conscious of what we put in our mouths and decrease the consumption of processed and chemical ridden products.   From fruits, berries, veggies and herbs, the home gardener has turned to the Grow Your Own movement.  Also the growth of plant infused cocktails has helped the category.
  3. Fairy Gardening has finally made its way slowly over the canal and a few of you are starting to get involved.  This is a huge area for growth that can be shared with friends, family and especially children.  This also is a category that has spread into fall and Christmas.  It is not just for outdoors- bring those containers inside come fall.
  4. Buzz OFF!  Bats, birds and plants are the best form of natural  pest control. With Lyme disease and the Zika virus scare, combined with the demand to be chemical free, people are looking for ways to control pests naturally.
  5. Wellness Hotspots-  It is no surprise that many studies indicate time spent in nature reduces stress and increases well-being.  From garden therapy to “forest bathing” to soundscaping and a green workplace culture, healthy is the new wealthy.  Forest bathing is the “medicine of being in the forest” and spending time in nature, awakening the five senses.  Many people work indoors and don’t have time to immerse themselves in nature regularly.  Research shows that indoor plants can create happier workers, lower healthcare costs, increase productivity, lower absenteeism and reduce turnover.
  6. Tidy Gardens do not mean trimmed hedges and clean corners.  It simply reflects a global shift toward reduced consumption paired with enjoying what you do, not in what you have.  This trend coincides with more people downsizing and the demand for compact shrubs and container gardens.
  7. Essential Oils are becoming more mainstream as the price of drugs increases.  People are looking elsewhere for relief.  Why not start back to where it all began- with plants! Just think of what the scent of a rose does for your overall well being.  Lavender, lilacs, lemon, basil…   So why wouldn’t Essential Oils be the right fit for those who love to garden?