Garden Tasks for March

If spring fever has you itching to get out in the garden, we’ve got a solution. While many regions across the US are just beginning to awake from their winter slumber, there’s still plenty to be done.
Kick off the new season by dusting off your gardening tools and taking a good look around your yard.

6 Tasks to do in March

Check and Test. Test soil and amend if necessary before planting. A soil test reports pH levels, which measures acid and alkaline. If your soil has too much of either, plants won’t absorb the nutrients they need. Once you have your results, it’s time to improve your soil.
Clean up. Remove winter debris from lawn and garden beds. Rake leaves and old mulch out of beds and borders. Shred or leave them whole and place in a compost pile. Check for broken branches and remove plants that have been damaged by snow and ice. 
Add new mulch. Perk up your garden beds with some new mulch. Not only does it look great, but mulch also provides many benefits! Mulch can reduce water use in the garden by 25-50 percent, saving money on water bills and conserving water. Mulch also controls weeds. Plus, your flower beds look polished and complete with a finishing touch of mulch.
Create a Safe Paws Lawn. By choosing organic, you know your family and pets are safe from harmful chemicals. Using organic lawn food – especially in the early spring – can have a huge effect on your lawn’s health and appearance. You’ll create healthier, more uniform grass growth which results in a beautiful lawn year after year. Start petscaping today with our Spring Lawn Booster.
Fix Brown Spots. Take a close look at the grass around walkways, sidewalks, roads and driveways. These areas are most likely where salt had been applied to melt ice. Salt draws moisture from grass roots causing it to turn brown. Also, check areas where your pets frequently go to the bathroom for damage. Then, transform those ugly brown spots into lush, green lawn by amending the soil with gypsum.
Don’t Forget Indoor Plants. Longer days and more sun will wake houseplants up as they get ready for a major growth spurt. When you start to see new growth, it’s time to start feeding and watering regularly. Give houseplants everything they need to grow up in style – a hearty feeding and a stylish home included. You can also bring houseplants outside for some sun during the day and bring them back in at night.