Tool Sharpening:

We sharpen small hand tools and sheers.  $5 per small hand tool and $10 for sheers and loppers.  Drop off for sharpening and we will call you when they are ready to be picked up.

Custom Design Containers:

I LOVE to plant all types of containers for my customers at ANY season- spring, summer, fall and Christmas.  Anything from patio pots, window boxes,  urns, hanging baskets even odd containers from a yard sale or an antique from your grammy.   Using succulents, perennials, annuals, herbs, veggies, tropicals and shrubs.   Any day of the week I can (or my very qualified staff) can consult with you about color preferences, budget and location of your container (sun or shade) to create your masterpiece.

Bring in your containers to us.  Price will include cost of soil, plants and labor.



B2B Planting

Business to Business Planting Program:

The exterior of your business is sometimes more important than the product you offer on the inside.  Customers are more inclined to do business somewhere that feels inviting and relaxed as opposed to stark, rundown and stiff.  Your first impression is when the customer pulls into your driveway.

Scenic Roots offers an exterior container planting program for local businesses, along with a timely maintenance schedule.  We will work with you to find the best suited plants for your location along with the colors and style that best suits your business image along with your budget.

The beauty and vitality of our town and its businesses are just as important to us as our own.



We deliver any way we can. Teddy Bear, car seat and all.