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Kids and gardening go hand in hand. For toddlers, there are bright colors, fuzzy leaves, strange bugs and beautiful butterflies. By the time they’re in first grade, kids love sprouting beans in paper towels and watching plants grow roots in water. And then there is the pure fun of simply digging in the dirt.
If you want your child to love gardening as much as you do, take a look at these great ideas. We hope that you’ll find something that will help spark your child’s interest.  My mom always said, “the dirtier you are, the more fun you had”.

Through the year we will be sharing fun activities and DIY’s you can do with your kiddos.  We will link fun activity sheets, scavenger hunts and tips.


Show your Support to those who are Making our Community Work

Show your support of our community helpers! Coloring pages are a fun way for kids to learn about these important people and show their gratitude. Color one printable coloring page or color them all to hang in your window at home or give to the businesses and people you appreciate.  Each page even includes a note on the back you can choose to print – it’s totally up to you!

Community Helpers Coloring Pages



Planting Basics for Kids:

Plants need soil, water, sun, and the air in order to live and grow. Minerals in the soil dissolve in water, and the plant roots suck them in; this is the plant’s “food”. The water travels up the plant stem and out to the leaves. In the leaves, the plant mixes this food with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is in the air.
The plant leaves use the minerals and water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air to grow. A special substance called chlorophyll (klor-oh-fill) is in the leaves. Chlorophyll and sunlight together make it all happen.
It’s truly amazing what plants can do! The best part is that while the plant does all this mixing and growing, it gives off oxygen from its green leaves. Oxygen is what people and animals breathe, and it’s very important for them to survive. You can see why we depend on plants!
Plants grow from seeds- even towering trees started from seeds. Each seed contains the beginning of a new plant and enough food to start its life. As the plant inside the seed grows, it pushes its way out of the seed. It needs air ad water in order to do this.
As soon as the tiny plant gets roots, it needs more food than was stored inside the seed. Now it is ready to take food from the soil. It does this through tiny hairs that grow on the roots. The food in the soil dissolves in water and passes into the root hairs. From there, it moves from the roots up into the stem and out to all the parts of the plant.


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