Here are the following kits we have put together to keep you somewhat sane, keep your kiddos busy and better the creative side of their brain.  Please call the store to order for availability and curbside pick up.   (508)888-0044

Windchimes $5.00

Decorate your own windchime to hang outside.  Use your own paints, markers, crayons, stickers, gemstones, etc…


Sunflower Seed Starter Kit  $5.00

Decorate the peat pot with the decorations provided.  We have included seed starting mix and two sunflower seeds to start your own flowers.



Succulent DIY Kits  $25.00    ***ONLY TWO LEFT***

kit includes succulent, sand, stones, moss and a glass orb



Mother’s Day Kit  $10.00

We have included a pot for you to decorate, soil and a geranium, herb or petunia to plant in the pot.  Perfect gift for MOM this May!

Pots sold separately are $5.00