Why the Farm Stand

The Why

The farm stand at Scenic Roots was created during the summer of 2020, the year of Covid. A crazy idea yes, but one that was backed by history, longevity and loyalty.
It was a collective effort, a meeting of the minds between us and Crow Farm. We have partnered with Crow Farm for decades behind the scenes if you were never aware. Paul bought bedding straw and farm fertilizers from us and we bought annuals and veggie starts from them. So when Crow Farm decided they were no longer going to run the farm stand on their property, we met with Paul and a new partnership was created. Scenic Roots decided to take on the farm stand and sell Crow Farm produce. It was a partnership that made perfect sense:

1. Scenic Roots is only a mile from Crow Farm, so customers did not have far to drive from the original location.
2. We have the space.
3. We are open year round.

Not only are were we able to highlight Crow Farm produce, we now have partnered with many other local farmers in our area to keep the farm stand open July-November.

Win Win

Come visit us every season as we continue to evolve and partner with new growers and makers.