The law allows an individual over 21 years of age to grow up to six cannabis plants in their home. If there are other individuals over 21 years of age living in the residence who wish to grow, the maximum number of plants that may be grown in a residence is 12 plants. The plants must be grown in an area that is equipped with a lock or security device. Cannabis plants cannot be visible from a public place without the use of binoculars, aircraft or other optical aids.



  1. Grow the tallest.  Anywhere from 7-10ft
  2. Higher THC levels
  3. Usually take 10-12 weeks or more to complete flowering.


  1. Grow Shorter and bushier
  2. They have a higher CBD (cannabinoid)
  3. Usually take 7-8 weeks to complete flowering.


  1. Grow very small with not much production.
  2. Have a unique ability to “auto-flower”  without a change in light cycle
  3. Will mature from seed to harvest in only 8 weeks.
  4. Ruderalis genes offer the ability for breeders to create an auto-flowering hybrid.

    A couple quick Cannabis Growing Tips:

  1. One night of frost will kill seedlings.  Around here, please don’t put your seedlings out until beginning of June.  Think basil- very cold sensitive!
  2. If plants are outside, place in full sun and rotate plants often so one side does not get less light.
  3. Water matters!  Chloride from Town water can kill mycorhizzae (beneficial bacteria) in the soil.
  4. Bugs and fungus on Cannabis are the same as other plant pests, but DO NOT spray during flowering period.


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