Symbolism of the Christmas Wreath

There are many translations to the symbolism of a Christmas wreath.  My favorite goes like this: The Christmas Wreath is made of evergreen branches because evergreen is the symbol of strength- even in the harshest of winter weather it stays green. The Christmas Wreath is round because at every end, there is a beginning. WOW […]

Picking out the Right Christmas Tree

We all have our own holiday traditions, whether it is a Christmas dinner, the day you put up your tree or maybe there is a specific ornament that needs to be the first on hung on the Christmas tree. We all have our own traditions and everyone is different. Just like the varieties of Christmas […]

Christmas Trees- real v. fake

The True Debate- Real v. Fake Each holiday season, shoppers find themselves confronted with a choice: celebrate with a fresh, Christmas tree, or one that is artificial plastic or aluminum. What most people don’t realize is that the best choice has always been the traditional and natural choice – a Real Christmas Tree. Consider this: • […]

December Flower of the Month- Paperwhites

Paperwhite Narcissus will grow happily and bloom with nothing more than water and stones or beach glass. To “plant” your bulbs in any drainage free container, begin by carefully placing a layer of stones or glass to a depth of about 2 inches for a small container/vase or about 4 inches in a larger container/vase.  Next place […]

Planting Window Boxes

      IMG_2093 In this time lapse video I show you how quick and easy it is to plant up a window box for the holidays.   I started with a citron cypress, then filled with mixed greens (noble fir, juniper, incense cedar) then added color with red twigs and winterberry.