Picking out the Right Christmas Tree

We all have our own holiday traditions, whether it is a Christmas dinner, the day you put up your tree or maybe there is a specific ornament that needs to be the first on hung on the tree. We all have our own traditions and everyone is different. Just like the varieties of Christmas trees available on the market these last several years.

Are you interested in something new this Christmas? Take a look at these Christmas Tree varieties – in sizes from adorable tabletop trees to majestic giants – found at your local garden centers and farm stands.  This guide will surely help you pick out the right Christmas Tree. Continue reading Picking out the Right Christmas Tree

Container Gardening in Winter

Wondering what to do with your window boxes, urns and planters now that the fall has passed?  Look around your yard.  Fresh cut greens and branches can easily transform your planters.  Juniper, Holly, Cedar even Rhododendron branches can be used.  Berries, grasses, white birch twigs, red twig Dogwood branches and seed pods too.  If you are lacking in the plant department you can always buy fresh cut greens at your local garden center or farm stand.   Think about adding Larger Christmas balls and bows to your containers too for a little extra flair and to fill those larger spaces.

Take a look at the below pictures for inspiration or visit our Pinterest page for a whole lot more…  http://www.pinterest.com/scenicroots6a/christmas-containers/

Fall Garden Projects

It is time for your fall garden projects.   Below we have listed what you should/could be doing now to prep your yards for the winter months.

  • Pull up plant material that is no longer useful and add to compost pile.  Toss any material that is insect ridden or diseased.  Keep weeding; mature weed plants drop weed seeds that will germinate next year.
  • Keep mowing your lawn until growth stops.  Apply a winter fertilizer to your lawn to strengthen the overall health and  root system to allow for an easier spring green up.   Apply the proper application of lime;  one bag of 40lb lime covers 1,000 square feet of lawn.  Seed patches of barren lawn and/or overseed to fill in thin spots.
  • Cut down perennials when the foliage begins to brown.
  • Plant flowering bulbs for blooms next spring.
  • Purchase cow manure to mound up around the base of roses.  Roses love manure and allowing the manure to mulch and decompose over the winter months make for happier roses next spring.
  • Divide and replant perennials and grasses that may need it.


Big win for Bees

Big Win for Beekeepers as Court Voids Insecticide

12004941_10153080593476905_8472257072920056638_nHoneybees pollinate plants that produce roughly a quarter of the food consumed by Americans. The demise of the bees has become a hotly debated topic between agrochemical companies, which say the insecticides they sell are not to blame, and those who say research shows a direct connection between neonicotinoids and large bee die-offs.

A United States appeals court ruled on Thursday that federal regulators erred in allowing an insecticide developed by Dow AgroSciences onto the market, canceling its approval and giving environmentalists a major victory and a big win for bees.
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Fall Perennials

Fall is by far our favorite season here at Scenic Roots. Not only for the cooler nights, less traffic, quieter beaches, but the colors… The colors and variety of plants available on the market, now make the fall the number one preferred season to plant. We have whittled down our fall perennial favorites so not to overwhelm you. I have a handful of other favorites, and I will save those for when you come in to visit our shop. Continue reading Fall Perennials